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Oliver Beren Kaul

Ph.D. candidate, Researcher, Freelancer & Traveler

Woodpecker Bay, New Zealand


About me

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Hi there! My name is Beren. I'm a German citizen and currently a Ph.D. candidate at the Human-Computer Interaction Group led by Michael Rohs at the University of Hannover in Germany.

I'll finish my Ph.D. in May 2021, and I'm actively looking into attractive Swiss work opportunities which fit my skillset around AI, VR/AR, and tactile feedback. Besides exciting work opportunities in the greater Zurich area, I especially like the Swiss mentality, lifestyle, and gorgeous landscape.

During my Ph.D., I focused on tactile feedback in Human-Computer Interaction. My main Ph.D. project is called HapticHead, a 24 tactile actuator display on the head. This interface can be used in Augmented and Virtual Reality scenarios for various applications such as guidance and navigation for visually impaired individuals or increasing immersion in VR scenarios by playing back tactile features of the virtual world. Imagine a raindrop hitting your head exactly where you would expect it to hit or feeling the impact of an explosive shockwave.

Apart from my main Ph.D. topic, I had the freedom to work on several side projects, mostly in Artificial Intelligence, as I find AI applications to be a fascinating research direction. Notably, I developed the Ahem preventor, a system that detects filler words in oral presentations and discretely gives presenters concealed tactile feedback whenever they use a filler word. This system may train oneself to use fewer filler words in presentations subconsciously. Another exciting project revolved around grading the damage level of concrete through ultrasonic signals and a neural network in collaboration with a colleague from material sciences.

As a side hustle, I developed and supported three iOS and several Android apps for miovent.de, a small agile event company and subsidiary of eventit.ag and Deutsche Messe AG.


Programming languages with a preference for Python
Artificial Intelligence - Neural Networks for data analysis and fun stuff
Leadership skills - teaching >700 CS students C/Java and supervising dozens of Bachelor/Master theses
Writing Research Papers - presenting and networking at large conferences
Android App Development - my side hustle
Traveling, cultural appreciation and empathy


Work and education

Work experience

  • December 2013 - February 2020

    Mobile Developer

    miovent.de, subsidiary of eventit AG

    Development and continued improvement of several Android and three iOS apps concerning event management in part time (full time between May and July 2015)

  • October 2014 - March 2015

    Research Assistant

    Institute for Information Processing
    University of Hannover

    Parallelization and implementation of superpixel algorithms with Nvidia Cuda (SLIC, gSLIC)

  • January 2012 - December 2014

    Research Assistant

    Systems Research and Architecture Group
    University of Hannover

    Development and implementation of Android apps and organic algorithms for robots (Khepera III)
    Administration and presentation of lectures within the institute


  • Since August 2015

    Ph.D. Computer Science

    HCI Group, University of Hannover

    Tactile Feedback for Accessibility and in Augmented and Virtual Reality applications, Artificial Intelligence for sensor data

  • May 2015

      Master Computer Science

    University of Hannover

    Software Development and Architecture, Mobile Development, UI Design, Requirements Engineering

    Minor: Geoinformatics

  • October 2011

      Bachelor Computer Science

    University of Hannover

    Minor: Economics


Protoypes and fun stuff

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Conference papers and notes

Please refer to my Google Scholar profile

In case you cannot access a particular paper, feel free to drop me an email and I'll send the pdf your way! 😃


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